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Put a DONK on it gets a new look

Development on “Put a DONK on it” continues. We really are almost finished now. The app now has a cool new look too. We should be ready for release by next week, yay!

Put a DONK on it is almost finished

Been putting the final touches to our new app “Put a DONK on it”.

Should be ready to go to the App Store submission queue at some point this week.

Put a DONK on it is a soundboard style app, with loops and sounds created by Sparky from Sound Selektaz. Choose a loop, and play along in time with a selection of “Bangin’ Donks”, and FX stabs.

Coming soon.

What are the Mitten’s current projects?

For those interested in what’s happening over at Mitten Towers, here what we have been up to over the past week or so.

Development continues on:

  • Iphone App – Put a DONK on it
  • IPhone game – Pause Cat Adventures Vol.1 – Super extreme flea dodge
  • iLullaby released to the App Store on 18th Feb 2010
  • Investigation into other iPhone engines (Mark’s been checking out Torque2d)
  • Vegetable photo-shoot!!!!??…….ooo how cryptic.

Lots to do, but as ever, not enough hours in the day, or days in the week. the Mitten keeps on flaming though.

Avoid-Em-Up – 1.0.1 update available now

Avoid-Em-Up has been updated to v1.0.1.

The update includes various bug fixes as well as :

  • Added player trails option
  • Game engine improvements now mean that the game runs at 60fps on 3gs units with player trails turned off
  • Improvements for “Pause Cat”
  • Smaller app footprint

You can get Avoid-Em-Up for your iPhone from the App Store here

iLullaby – in review for the App Store

iLullaby is currently in the review queue over at Apple. Shouldn’t be too long now before it is out.

iLullaby is an iPhone app designed to aid getting your child to sleep.

Features nice music and graphics, designed to get your child into the sleepy frame of mind.

Welcome to Flaming Mitten Studios

We rock………..hard