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Put a DONK on it reviewed at

Title says it all.

The nice people over at appsafari have reviewed put a DONK on it.

They said it was good simple fun, with a nice design.

Put a DONK on it – Out NOW!!!

You know what you wanna do with that right?
You wanna put a Bangin’ DONK on it.
At home listening to Mum and Dad’s old rubish?
Put a DONK on it
At school listening to something rubbish?
Put a DONK on it
At some dull house party where the host is forcing you to listen to Celine Dion?
Put a DONK right on that!
All loops and DONKS have been professionally created at S-Scape Studios (Sound Selektaz).
Using the DONK soundboard, choose a loop, and bang away in time to the music using a varied selection of DONKS and FX swooshes and vocal stabs.
For those times when you just HAVE to “Put a DONK on it” you can use the included “Emergency DONK”.