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Development update – April 2010

Well, we are almost at the end of April, so here is a rundown of all the Mitten goodness that’s been happening :

It’s been a month of doodling mainly.

  • Doodle Galaxies
  • Doodle Galaxies XL for the iPad, finished and released to the store.
  • Doodle Galaxies for iPhone, finished, and awaiting review at Apple.
  • Doodle Galaxies XL update 1.1 which adds health bars to the boss bad guys, finished and awaiting review at Apple.
  • Doodle Ski……what???? Doodle Ski you say???

That’s right. Mark P is currently putting the finishing touches to Doodle Ski. we will release more details soon.

  • Mark C has started work on a new iPhone puzzle game. Early days yet, but it’s a puzzle game, with music elements.
  • Mark C and Mark P have prototyped a new 2 player game for the iPhone….exciting!

As I said earlier, it’s been mainly a month of doodling. But we are proud of Doodle Galaxies and Doodle Ski, and we hope you guys enjoy playing them both.

Doodle Galaxies XL – For iPad – Out Now!!!!!

The iPad version is out to buy on the app store now. Click the App Store logo above to buy it.

We hope you enjoy the game, and keep an eye out for the iPhone version coming soon.

Doodle Galaxies – Release update

The iPad version of Doodle Galaxies is currently at the “In Review: stage with Apple. So we should be on track to release before the end of the month.

Also, the iPhone/iPod port is almost done, and should be ready to be submitted this week.

So no matter what flavour of iTouch device you have, there should be a Doodle Galaxy for you. Yay!

Whilst we wait for the approval process to do it’s thing, let’s have a look at some gameplay videos.

iTonal HD featured on “”

The lovely people at have writen a few words about iTonal HD. You can read the full piece here :

Doodle Galaxies XL – Coming soon for iPad

Well guys. Here it is.

We have been beavering away in the background on this one for a while without saying too much, but today we are pleased to announce “Doodle Galaxies XL”.

It’s an oldskool shoot-em-up, in a doodle style.

Here are some screenshots (gameplay video to follow soon) :

Coming soon pt.2

A new game for the Apple iPad is coming soon…what could it be?

A sneak peek at something coming soon.

Coming Soon!

We made it to iPad launch!

Tone Pads HD managed to make the approval deadline to get released for the iPad launch in the USA. Yay Mitten!

The name is about to change to iTonal HD, if only to distance us from the iPhone app “Tone Pad”, which we love here at Mitten Towers.

Check the link for the app here :

Coming soon…….TonePads HD for iPad

That’s right. We are now officially developing for the iPad as well as the iPhone/iPodToch.

Our first app is currently “in review” over at apple.

TonePads HD is an homage to matrix sequencers such as the Tenori-On

Here is a sneaky peaky screeny : (click for a larger version)