iLullaby is a self contained lullaby and night light application.


iLullaby plays familiar lullabies at a slow canter. This encourages your child to close their eyes and drift off to sleep.
Young children love repetition just like ourselves. This is an aspect that is played on heavily in iLullaby. The songs have been carefully arranged to encourage your child to recognise the songs and the melodies, while at a soft slow pace it will encourage your child to drift off to sleep.
You can select between 10, 20, 30 and 60 minute sessions, and the night light can be turned off if required.
We have engineered our lullabies to be pleasing to the ear, but still posses the quality’s of a simple music box. The music should never distort, even at high volumes.
We hope you enjoy iLullaby, and we will be updating it with faster loading times, and more music very soon.