But Flamingmitten…..why so quiet

Hey everyone.

Sparky here, just keeping you updated on what’s going on at Mitten Towers.


First off, we have been checking out the rather wonderful iStencyl. If you are interested in any shape or form in making games, I recommend you take a look.

Second…er…off, we have a couple of games in production at the mo. I can’t give too much away right now, but one is a platform game for iOS, and the other is a physics/action/puzzle/arcade type thing.  :)

Also, keep your eyes peeled for a new venture for us, coming the next couple of weeks.


Until next time…..c ya

Stickmen, Stackies, Atoms and Strawbeeeeeerrrrriiiiieeeeees!

Space Panda now has it’s own fluffy, cuddly, vacuum filled colourfulness version for the iPad :

Cunningly called Space Panda HD


On the subject of iPad specific versions :

Stickman Base Jump XL is with us


And, so it doesn’t feel left out, you can now grab a version of Super Stack Attack for your iPad :

Click here, and it shall be yours

It is apparently “New & Noteworthy” in Estonia. So a massive thank you to all our Estonian fans, x


In other news…….We are about to Split The Atom

Updates updates…….updates

Super Stack Attack has had an update (not the big one we already talked about earlier though)

The update changes the graphics for the level selection screen, fixes up a few bugs and improves the overal performance in-game


Space Panda has had an update too

This was mainly to fix a crashing issue with iOS 3.x that some users were reporting.

Super Stack Attack small update plus BIG update news

Stack attack has been out for around a month now, and we are blown away by the response the game has been getting now it’s out in the wild.

One quick piece of news is that, there is a very small bugfix update currently awaiting Apple’s approval. This fixes a bug that was pointed out to us by a player (starkcontrast17) that could cause level 11 to be unbeatable. So that should be fixed as soon as Apple approve the update.

In other news, the big Super Stack Attack update is happening in May sometime. This changes what we used to call “Challenges”, into what we are now going to call “Episodes”. Episode 2, coming in May, will include a new style of play, and a whole bunch of levels to go with that new style. (More info closer to the time). Episode 3 will introduce yet another different play style to the game, and levels to go with that new play style. All will be revealed as time stacks on over the next couple of months. :)


If you ever need to contact us for any reason you can always email us on the “Flaming Mitten Support Warm-ish Line”


Until next time……See ya!

Super Stack Attack in the press

Super Stack Attack was just featured on the Games New & Noteworthy section of the AppStore, which is nice.


But, the game has also been getting some great coverage in the gaming press. Here are a few of the reviews we have found so far :


People are loving to stack!










There are loads more out there too.

Super Stack Attack

Coming soon



Zombies are coming…..

We are hiding under the desks at Mitten Towers.

It’s February . Xmas is officially over!

Well….The year has finally kicked in, and Christmas is nothing but a distant memory.

As usual, over here at Mitten Towers, there is no rest for the wicked, and myself and Mark are pretty wicked (in both connotations of the word)

L3D – 3-in-1 LED 1970′s action is in the submission process with Apple, so expect to see that in the AppStore very very soon.

Work continues aplenty on the platform game we mentioned in our last blog post. We are currently designing levels, and are going to have 80 on launch day. More info on that, very soon.

iLullaby has just been updated. The new update includes a second playlist of music, and a massive graphical overhaul.

And like that……..he’s gone.

New games for a new year

2011 is upon us. that’s the future right???? Flying cars, silver suits, food in pill form, games in telepathic form?

Welcome to the 2nd decade of the 21st century.

Mitten Towers has been the usual hive of activity. (Get ready for the usual bullet point hell)

  • Dood Jump came out. It’s a free game, supported by Apple’s iAd system.
  • There is also a FREE version of Cosmic Spark on the AppStore for you to check out.
  • We are currently working on our biggest game to date. It’s a physics based, high speed, platform game. Think….Locoroco, meets Trials HD, meets Super Meat Boy, meets Canabalt. More info coming soon.
  • We are also working on a number of games/apps for the kids, and iLullaby is getting a massive overhaul, with double the amount of songs, and a new coat of paint.
  • Finally, we have another music app in the works. Again, more info to follow soon.

I think that’s enough to be getting on with now.

Happy new year to you all.

2 new games for Christmas

It’s been a quiet couple of months on the development blog recently, but not because we have been lazy.OH NO!

We have been busy putting the finishing touches to 2 games that we have out over Christmas.

1st up is “Cosmic Spark”, which is a space, shooter/abducer/shump/avoider game. All with a cool 50′s b-Movie inspired look and soundtrack.

You can find out more info from the game’s main page. www.flamingmitten.co.uk/games/cosmic-spark/

2nd up, and more importantly, more Christmasy, is “Ski Santa Ski”. As the title might suggest, it’s a game with skis, and Santa. You can find out all the info from the game’s main page. www.flamingmitten.co.uk/games/ski-santa-ski/

So there you have it. Keep your eyes on the AppStore in the coming week or so.

If I don’t see you all before. Merry Christmas y’all.