Think you have the skills to “Avoid-Em-Up”

Use the unique controls of your I-Phone/I-Pod to take control to avoid the ever present onslaught of enemies.
Features :

Smooth, responsive accelerometer controls
Hardcore arcade style action
Retro themed pixel geometry graphics
Original Drum & Bass and retro chip soundtrack
Local hi-score saving
Pause cat!

Holding your phone/ipod parallel to the ground, tilt and twist to move around the screen “Avoiding-Em-Up”. The longer you last, the bigger the payoff. Keep an eye out for the power-ups to help you out, but also be aware of the homing enemy that comes to hunt you down from time to time. Get tilting…..get Avoid-Em-Up

iTunes store link : http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/avoid-em-up/id353013541?mt=8